Our Web-Analytics Marketing Services

Why I need Web analytics?

Web analytics provide you website visitors' data so you can optimize your content based on users interest. It's important to identify what users are doing on your business or blog website. So, you take productive decisions that grow your profit and increase website traffic.


Google Analytics is installed on at least 10 million websites, is used by 64% of the Top 500 US Retailers, 45% of Fortune 500 companies, and 55.9% of the top 1 million domains, as identified by Alexa.

All of these metrics combine to give Google Analytics a web analytics platform market share of over 82%!

How we do it?

We Focus with these 7 key steps:

Step01: Define your most important goals and those of your most important Web visitors.
Step02: Analyze Web traffic data to uncover what’s happening on your Web site. Identify gaps.
Step03: Define the gap you need to close.
Step04: Map out a plan to close the gap and measure progress.
Step05: Execute the plan.
Step06: Gauge success using Web analytics.
Step07: Don’t stop now! Raise the bar, set new goals, keep climbing.